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15-45W Solar LED Street Light-Product Center-EP LIGHTING INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.-

Product Description

EPL solar led street light is an IP66 rechargeable solar street system composed of MONO crystalline high performance panels which convert solar energy into electricity, Built-in microwave sensor  and Lithium battery (10 years lifetime at 40°C constant) which stores the energy produced and a lighting management system that ensures an optimised use of energy with no black out for 365 days per year. These two elements are coming as PLUG & PLAY idea for complete system with MC4 plugs.
It is a reliable and durable stand alone solar solution for sustainable street lighting , Car parking lighting, garden lighting etc ,perfect in arid, tropical and temperate environments.


·                                No maintenance requirements

·                                Lighting service without black out, 365 days a year

·                                Easy for connection between light and solar panel by MC4 plug.

·                                Microwave sensor inside, more area covered than PIR sensor

·                                DC18V input, Recharable Solar Street Light solution, New concept of " PLUG&PLAY ” IDEA

Materials and Finish
Materials: ACD12 Aluminium die casting (100% recycled)
Finish: Double layers powder coated aluminium and PMMA reflector
Beam angle :140°(Lateral)70°(Vertical )  or 100°(Lateral)80°(Vertical )  

Models & Main Spec


LED Type



Solar Panel



Philips3030 36Pcs



18V  45W

12V 192WH


Philips3030 36Pcs



18V  60W

12V 312WH


Philips3030 48Pcs



18V  80W

12V 432WH


Philips3030 72Pcs



18V 110W

12V 528WH


 Example A of Program Setting (Common mode)
1----Time-1: 4 hours 100% bright light. (No sensor function)            
2----Time-2: 4 hours 50% bright light, in this time, microwave sensor will be active to run on 100% bright light for 60s”  
3----Time-3: 4 hours 25% bright light tilll dawn. (No sensor function)          
 Example B of Program Setting (Energy Saving mode)
1----Time-1: 0 hours 100% bright light. (No sensor function)            
2----Time-2: 12 hours 50% bright light, in this time, microwave sensor will be active to run on 100% bright light for 60s”  
3----Time-3: hours 25% bright light tilll dawn. (No sensor function)          
 Example C of Program Setting (Constant Bright mode)
1----Time-1: 8 hours 100% bright light. (No sensor function)            
2----Time-2: 0 hours 50% bright light, in this time, microwave sensor will be active to run on 100% bright light for 60s”  
3----Time-3: hours 25% bright light tilll dawn. (No sensor function)          

Installation and Mounting
Battery, smart controller are in one single steel box inside of light. EPL Solar LED Street light comes with bracket for Ø60mm spigot (or Ø76mm spigot ). Comes pre-cabled  including MC4 connectors for connection to solar panel. For an easy connection to the luminaire, side mounted on a Ø60mm bracket. Pole not included, no door needed. 
Mounting height from 3 to 6m depending on the variant of brightness.

Luminaire delivered ready as two parts: light head+panel+accessories to install, separately from the EPL when delivery.

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