A Michigan City Rolls out LED Streetlight Upgrade Project

Saignaw, a city located in Michigan, U.S. has started to replace 6,400 city streetlights with LEDs, which is estimated to cost the city $ 1.8 million, reported MLive.

Crews have been installing the lights since Jan. 25, 2016, which is expected to be completed within four months.

The new streetlights will save 68% in energy consumption than older high-pressure sodium streetlights that offer the same level of illumination.

The city’s annual budget allocated to lighting amounted to US $650,000, and is expected to save about $440,000 per year in energy consumption following the transition.

In late October the city government financed the cost of the project and invested another $3.4 million worth of vehicle and equipment purchases and building improvements by issuing bonds that totaled $5.2 million.