Product Description

Led Motion Outdoor 15-120 watts Programmable All In One Solar Street Light

1.Integrated design,all in one solar LED street light, solar panel,Led chips, battery,cotroller,motion sensor,etc, all in(on) a light,without any cable, save shipping cost and labour cost. 15-120W available now.
2. Easy to install , ship and maintain.
3.Energy saving and environment friendly by perfect combination of solar power and LED lighting.
4.High capacity and long life Lithium battery,5-year theoretical working life and high-temperature resistance, make the whole light a longer life.
5.Safe and reliable rain-proof & water-proof design.
6.Alumina Alloy is used for main structure in order to preventing dusty and corrosion,is also good for heat dissipation.
7.Different power control according to time period, lower brightness when less people after midnight, in order to saving energy and improve practicability.

Sensor and Programmable(Default Setting)

1‐‐‐‐Time‐1: 4 hours 100% bright light when there's human being nearby, 50% brightness nobody around.
2‐‐‐‐Time‐2:4 hours 70% bright light when there's human being nearby, 40% brightness nobody around.

3‐‐‐‐Time‐3: 4 hours 60% bright light when there's human being nearby, 30% brightness nobody around.

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